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Roads NR. 71 and 7 surround Balaton, in this way it is easy to travel around it. The public transport has the same route, and each settlement is to be easily reached. Tickets can be bought from the driver when we get on the bus, for the distance we want to cover. Cash is needed! There is no possible solution for a trip around the lake with one public transport means, since different counties operate their bus-system.
The Balaton´s railway route runs on its southern side, but train can also cover the northern side, tickets have to be bought at the stations. MÁV (the Hungarian railway-system) runs a nostalgia-train on the Keszthely-Badacsony-Révfülöp-Sümeg route between 1st July and 31st August.
Buses: www.volan.hu
Trains: www.mav-start.hu

Motorways - Useful information
In Hungary one has to pay for the use of the motorways.  For M1,  M3, M5, M6 and M7 (to the Balaton lake) you can buy a unique motorway fee sticker for 4 or 10 days, and for monthly and yearly use.These can be bought at petrol stations or at vehicular-passes.
The validity and existence of these motorway fee stickers are checked with cameras on the motorway´s territory.
In Hungary the speed limit on motorways is 130 km/h, constantly checked with radar.

M1 Budapest - Hegyeshalom
M3 Budapest - Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Debrecen
  Budapest   Nyíregyháza
  Budapest   Debrecen
M5 Budapest - Röszke
M6 Budapest - Dunaújváros
M7 Budapest - Nagykanizsa
M0 Budapest - Ring (is to avoid heavy traffic in the city of Budapest)

UTINFORM • Road-info (0-24) +36 1 322-7052, 322-7643, 322-2238

Balatoni Hajózási Share Company effectuates the water transport between Balaton´s southern and northern shores. There are scheduled runs on the lake from the end of May until the beginning of October, in the season period. Tickets can be bought in the harbours.
Ferry boats on Lake Balaton
You can use the ferry for crossing the lake with your car at Szántód and Tihany. The ferries run between 06.40 - 00.20 from Szántód and between 06.20 - 00.00 from Tihany in every 40 minutes in the period between 27th May and 10th September. In case the traffic is bustling the ferry functions continuously. Before and after the season, between 4th March and 26th May respectively between 11th September and 26th November the ferry functions between 07.00 - 19.00 in Szántód and between 07.30 - 19.30 in Tihany. Crossing takes 10 minutes. The jurney for children under 6 years is free.

www.balatonihajozas.hu +36 84 310050

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